Kimchi / Kimchee

Kimchi / Kimchee known as a national dish of Korea . Kimchi is basically a fermented chili peppers and vegetables, commonly based on cabbage which served with most meal.
Kimchi in english mean "steeped / submerged vegetable." People says The name kimchi started from shimchae ( salting of vegetable ) : shimchae > dimchae > kimchae > kimchi.
There are many different ways of preparing Kimchi . Usual ingredients of kimchi include Chinese cabbage, radish, garlic, red pepper, spring onion, ginger, salt, and sugar .
But Kimchi internationally also known as Chinese cabbage fermented with a mixture of red pepper, garlic, ginger, and salted fish sauce, several types of kimchi exists, including territorial and seasonal variations.
There are many variants from kimchi recipes , including kaktugi, based on radish and containing no cabbage .
And the other variants are Baechukimchi, Gotkimchi, Backimchi, and so on
Kimchi is similar to the sauerkraut of Germany, the paocai of China, the tsukemono of Japan, the achar of India and some asian countries, and the pickles of other regions.

Koreans serve kimchi at almost every meal, and few Koreans can last more than a few days before cravings get the better of them. Despite a reputation for being spicy, most people usually develop a taste for it

Kimchi can be kept for weeks in the refrigerator, and still tastes fresh. Even actually the best tasting kimchi is stored in room temperature for an average of six months to reach its full flavour. The garlic and vinegar are natural preservatives that keep the raw vegetables and fruits tasting great.

Kimchi has many health benefits from the nutritions . Kimchi even known as one of the world's five Healthiest foods , with the facts that it's rich in vitamins, aids digestion, and may even prevent cancer. The health properties of kimchi are due to a variety of factors. It's usually made with cabbage / vegetables, scallions, onions, and garlic, all well-known the health benefits can helps to eliminate cholesterol and promotes intestinal health.

Kimchi also has active and beneficial bacterial cultures, like yogurt.
Kimchi also contains liberal quantities of hot pepper, which has been suggested to have health benefits as well. Some people even says Kimchi is the secret of Long Life .

Kimchi is a popular side dish but it's also often used as a base ingredient in other popular Korean food recipe , such as kimchi chigae ( kimchi soup ) and kimchi bokum bop ( kimchi fried rice )

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